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Summer 2024 camper registration is now open!

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UCLA UniCamp connects UCLA student volunteers and campers during a fun week of overnight summer camp at a campsite in the San Bernardino National Forest!

2024 Summer Programs

Classic Camp (ages 10-14) You’ll experience all of our classic summer camp activities like archery, arts & crafts, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and more while learning leadership and social-emotional skills. Campers stay in a cabin, and build relationships with, a cabin with a small group of others of the same age/gender.

Programs for campers in high school (ages 15-17):
✨ No experience or specialized equipment is necessary for any programs! ✨

  • CLIMB (Core Lessons in Mind and Body) Learn how to rock climb, belay, slackline, and more! Through the experience, campers will grow in responsibility, trust, and mindfulness. After completing the program, campers earn 10 hours of community service!
  • UniCorps Develop your leadership skills by becoming a junior counselor and participating in service learning projects. After completing the program, campers earn 30 hours of community service!
  • WALL (Wilderness Adventures in Leadership and Learning) Experience the great outdoors through a four-day backpacking trip to the tallest peak in Southern California! Campers will learn outdoor survival skills and connect to nature as they practice teamwork, leadership, and resilience. (Backpacking-specific equipment is provided by UniCamp!)


All programs are offered in every session unless otherwise noted.

  • Session 1 (for students at UCLA Community Schools): June 23 – 30
  • Session 2: June 30 – July 7
  • Session 3 (The Village Session, only ages 13-17 this session): July 7 – 14*
  • Session 4: July 14 – 21
  • Session 5: July 21 – 28

* UniCorps is not available in Session 3

Registration is first-come, first-served and must be completed at least one week prior to your session.

Info Sessions

Attend our info sessions to learn more about UniCamp and meet staff members who will be working with your kids!

💻 Virtual Info Sessions on Zoom

  • Tuesday, April 4 (7-8pm)
  • Tuesday, May 23 (7-8pm)
  • Tuesday, June 13 (7-8pm)
  • For the Village Session campers only: Tuesday, June 27th (7-9pm)


Camp Cost Calculator

Camp rates are based on a variety of factors, including participation in CalFresh and household income.

Information you input into this calculator is not saved. When you register for camp, we will ask for more details (e.g. case numbers and detailed income information).

Does the camper have an active LA County DCFS case number?

Is the camper in a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP)?

You likely qualify to attend UniCamp for FREE on a DCFS campership. These camperships are subject to DCFS approval and are only available for one session per child, per summer, even across programs other than UniCamp. (For instance, if your camper goes to UniCamp and another summer camp, you will only be able to use the campership on one of those programs.)

Additional DCFS-specific information (e.g. case number, case worker, and contact info) will be required on the UniCamp application and, if you choose to use the DCFS campership with UniCamp, will be submitted to DCFS for verification. If DCFS does not approve your campership, you will be required to pay the normal rates prior to attending camp.

Is the camper currently in the foster system?

Does the camper currently receive benefits from CalFresh, CalWORKS, FDPIR, or WIS?

Your camper qualifies for the low rate of $239 (or $400 for The Village Session).

The full cost to UniCamp is $1300 per camper, but we automatically offer a campership to everyone based on the information you filled out. Additional camperships are available on a limited basis: email us at for more information.

Your camper qualifies for the medium rate of $375 (or $679 for The Village Session).

The full cost to UniCamp is $1300 per camper, but we automatically offer a campership to everyone based on the information you filled out. Additional camperships are available on a limited basis: email us at for more information.

Your camper qualifies for the general rate of $600 (or $950 for The Village Session).

The full cost to UniCamp is $1300 per camper, but we automatically offer a campership to everyone based on the information you filled out. Additional camperships are available on a limited basis: email us at for more information.

Sorry, we encountered an error. Start a camper registration or reach out to us for more information about rates. Reduced rates are offered automatically during the camper registration process for those who qualify.

These rates apply to our general and open enrollment sessions. Programs that have community partners (like UCLA Community Schools and The Village Nation) may have different pricing, that’s shown during the application process.

DCFS Campership

If you have an open LA County DCFS case, you may qualify to attend for free! Spots are first-come, first-served.

Low Rate

$400 for The Village Session*

Available for foster children, campers who participate in programs including CalFresh, and for households with a qualifying income.

Medium Rate

$679 for The Village Session*

Available for those with a qualifying income. Use the calculator above to learn more.

General Rate

$950 for The Village Session*

Available to everyone! Camp costs us over $1300/person to run, so this is over a 50% discount!

These discounted rates will appear automatically during the registration process. Camp costs us over $1300 per camper to operate, so any amount you can pay above this cost helps us offer camperships to other campers to make sure UniCamp is accessible for all.

Camperships are available on a limited basis if none of these cost options work for you. Please contact us at for more information.

* The higher cost for The Village Session covers the additional supplies, staff, and activities for that session.

Refund Policy

We know your schedule this summer may be uncertain, so this is a new, more flexible refund policy. Cancellation fees cover the cost of payment processing and staff time. Email to request a refund/transfer.

Though unlikely, if we are forced to cancel in-person camp, you will receive an option for a full refund. If your camper is unable to attend due to a recent communicable disease exposure, contact us immediately before arriving and we will work with you to move your camper’s registration to a different date at no cost.

>30 days before session start2-30 days before session startWithin 48 hours of session start
No-cost cancellation grace periodWithin 48 hours of registrationWithin 48 hours of registration*Within 2 hours of registration
Cancellations$25No refundNo refund
Transfer to a later sessionNo cost$25Not available

* any remaining grace period time is shortened to 2 hours at the 48-hour mark before each session. So if you register 72 hours before the session, you’ll have a 26 hour grace period.

Info Sessions

Camper & Family Info Sessions will be hosted online over Zoom. These info sessions are not mandatory for campers & families to attend, but we highly encourage you to be there to prepare for camp — especially if this is your first time attending UniCamp!

💻 Zoom link:

  • Wednesday, May 15th from 7-8pm
  • Thursday, June 6th from 7-8pm

Click here for a recording of the first Zoom info session or watch below:


All UniCamp programs run at Camp Pine Mountain, off of Highway 38, in the San Bernardino National Forest. All open enrollment sessions include bus transportation from West Los Angeles to/from Camp Pine Mountain.

Busses pick up campers around 9am on the first day of the session and drop off campers around 5pm on the last day.

Camper drop-off / pick-up details

Location: 1350 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Drop-off time: First day of camp at 9 am

Pick-up time: Last day of camp at 4:30 pm

If you would prefer to drive to/from Camp Pine Mountain yourself, let us know by emailing us at or by calling/texting us at 310-208-8252.

Registration Process

Step 1 Gather required information including:

  • Contact info for two emergency contacts
  • Camper’s health history (including allergies and medications)
  • Camper’s immunization record
  • Camper’s health insurance and medical provider information
  • Income information for everyone in the household
  • Credit/debit card for payment (if applicable)

Step 2 Register online using the link at the top of this page. Your registration progress is automatically saved so you can come back to it at any time before you’re done.

Step 3 We will keep you updated with information specific to your session on the email address you use to register. Contact us any time at or by calling/texting 310-208-8252.

Packing List

This is a packing list for an 8-day/7-night session. You may want to adjust the quantities slightly depending on your session length. The temperature at camp can range from 40 degrees at night to over 90 degrees during the day.


  • 7 pairs of underwear
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 3-4 pairs of durable pants
  • 3-4 pairs of shorts
  • 7 t-shirts
  • 1 jacket
  • 2 sweatshirts/sweaters
  • 1 swim suit
  • 1 pair CLOSED TOE shoes
  • Face masks (may be required in some situations)
  • Pajamas
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

Other supplies

  • Lunch (to eat on the way to camp on the first day)
  • 2 towels
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 cheap/disposable camera (optional)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Pillow
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Medications in original packaging


  • Unscented soap
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Comb, brush, or other hair care
  • Unscented shampoo
  • Unscented deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Lip balm

Please limit yourself to 2 pieces of luggage per camper and label your bags and anything else that may get lost (e.g. water bottles, flashlights, etc.). Any medication will be distributed by our medic. Epi-Pens, rescue inhalers, and any other emergency medication will kept near the camper at all times.

What not to bring. Know what your child is bringing! Any of these items may earn them an early trip home.

  • Food or things that smell like food. Since we are in the forest, we are very careful about not attracting animals. Except for the first day’s sack lunch, any type of food or food-scented items are not allowed. Campers will have a chance to throw away any leftover food once they arrive.
  • Weapons, fireworks, drugs, alcohol, controlled substances, tobacco, smoking/vaping products, matches, lighters, etc. Even if legal, these are not appropriate for our camp environment and some have the potential to cause forest fires.
  • Toys. Small stuffed friends are okay, but there is enough activity going on each day that toys aren’t necessary and can be distracting.
  • Video games, music players, cell phones, and other expensive items. These items take away from the camp experience and may be damaged by the active, outdoor nature of camp. Cell phones will be collected on the first day and stored safely until the end of the session.
  • Markers or marking pens. Any supplies for arts & crafts or journaling activities will be available at camp.
  • Revealing clothing, clothing with profanity, clothing with drug/alcohol references, etc. If a camper is seen wearing anything inappropriate, they will be asked to change. Appropriate dress helps us maintain a positive, encouraging environment at camp.
  • Pets. Please contact us if the camper needs to bring a service animal so we can ensure the safety of the animal and the other campers.


Camp will be held at Camp Pine Mountain, off of Highway 38, in the San Bernardino National Forest. Transportation between the campsite and Los Angeles is provided. The campsite has cabins, a lodge, kitchen, campfire circle, amphitheater, health center and more, and it’s within walking distance to Jenks Lake for our canoeing rotation.

Every camper will have their own bunk with a mattress. Restrooms and single-stall showers are available in various buildings across the campsite.

Our traditional campsite, Camp River Glen, was damaged in Tropical Storm Hilary in August 2023, so we are thankful that Pine Mountain will be hosting us while we make repairs to our bridge and water system. We hope to be back at River Glen in the future!

Every session is planned separately by the volunteers that week and counselors will frequently customize the schedule/activities during each session for their small group of campers. That being said, most sessions are structured similarly:

7am Wake up
8am Breakfast & duties
9am Activities (These are different each day/session. They typically involve swimming, mountain biking, archery, climbing, arts & crafts, yoga, dance, science, drama, initiative/teambuilding games, and more)
Noon Lunch & duties
1pm More activities
3:30pm Snack
4pm More activities
6pm Dinner & duties
7:30pm Night activity (these can be night hikes, talent shows, campfires, and more.)
9:30pm Get ready for bed
10pm Lights out

All UCLA UniCamp counselors are volunteers who go through four months of training and are overseen by more experienced counselors and UniCamp full-time staff. Volunteers are trained in behavior management, bullying prevention, appropriate boundaries, abuse prevention, and more.

We follow the “rule of three” where campers are always with two or more people, at least one of whom must be an adult. Our average supervision ratio is 3 campers to 1 counselor.

Independence is one of the important skills campers practice at camp, so we strongly discourage any direct contact with while children are at camp. However, feel free to put letters in your camper’s luggage. (Do NOT put any food in their luggage.)

If there is an emergency at camp, we will call you as soon as possible. We will also provide emergency contact information if you need to reach on-site UniCamp staff during your child’s week of camp.

Campers are separated into cabins with 5-10 other same age/gender campers, with 2-3 counselors. Cabins are open-air with an attached bathroom, sink, and shower. Click here for an interactive view of the inside of a cabin Note that, while not shown in the link, each camper will have a mattress on their bunk that is disinfected between each use.

Please reach out to us so we can discuss further to find the right fit for your camper! In many cases, campers who are 9 years old are able to attend classic camp.

Note that at this time we cannot accept campers who are 18 years old at the time of their camp session.

Please reach out to us! We believe that every camper is a valuable, unique part of the camp experience so we do our best to not turn anyone away because of special needs or abilities. The more we can work together before camp, the better we can plan for your camper to have a fulfilling week.

Camper drop-off and pick-up location will be at the Westwood Recreation Center (1350 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025).

On the first day of camp, campers will meet at the Westwood Recreation Center at 8 am. They will check-in with camp staff, go through a health screening and lice check, check in their luggage, and load the bus.

On the last day of camp, campers will be picked up from the Westwood Recreation Center at 4:30 pm. Only adults that are listed on the camper’s registration forms can pick up their campers. They will be asked to bring their ID for verification.

Please avoid bringing electronics to camp if possible to avoid them getting dirty or damaged. On the first day, campers will be asked to turn in any cell phones for safe storage throughout the week. This policy helps us focus on interpersonal connections at camp without the distraction of technology. Please reach out to us prior to camp if this will be a problem (e.g. for phone-connected glucose monitors).

It can often be good to help your campers practice going for short periods of time without technology before camp.

Maybe! If they have an open LA County DCFS case, live in LA County, and are not in an STRTP, they may qualify to attend at no cost. These camperships are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. To qualify, answer the questions on the “Income Eligibility” part of the registration, including the camper’s DCFS case number, then a button to attend for free will appear on the payment step if camperships are still available.

Only one DCFS campership is allowed per child per summer (for any summer camp). The information you enter will be sent to DCFS to match up with their records to confirm the campership.

Foster youth also all automatically qualify for free/reduced lunch so they will be offered the subsidized $229 price if you don’t qualify or if you would like to register for multiple sessions/camps.

If you have already registered and paid prior to May 10, 2022, we will try to determine if you qualify for a campership and we may reach out with refund options. Contact us if you think you qualify.

If you have any questions (including if the campership option isn’t appearing), contact us by emailing or by calling/texting 310-208-8252.

Our specific precautions will change depending on recent research, public health guidance, and local conditions at the time. Below are some strategies we may use:

  • Testing & Screening: This involves tests for COVID-19, temperature checks, and symptom screenings.
  • Hand Hygiene: Teaching and encouraging proper hand washing at various points during each day.
  • Ventilation: All of our activities and meals are done outdoors and our cabins are open-air, with barriers between bunks.
  • Sanitizing: Cleaning high-touch surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants.
  • Face masks: Masks may be required at various times throughout camp, including while getting food, doing activities close to others in their unit, and more.

Keep in mind that communicable disease is a always a risk in any social situation, so please speak to a medical professional if the camper or anyone in the camper’s household is at high risk.

We are requiring that all participants ages 12 and older have completed their initial vaccine series (2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna or 1 dose of J&J) prior to coming to camp. Two exemptions are available:

  • Medical/disability
    This exemption is available to participants whose medical provider has told them not to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical condition or disability. Documentation from the medical professional is required.
  • Sincerely held religious belief
    This exemption is available for participants whose sincerely held religious belief does not allow them to receive any of the available COVID-19 vaccines. A signed attestation is required.

To apply for an exemption, download either exemption form above, fill it out completely, and upload it on the participant’s camp registration when prompted.

Please plan to bring at least one mask / cloth face covering per day since masks may be used in certain situations at camp. Masks must completely cover the nose and mouth. Face shields (often made of clear plastic) cannot be used in place of masks. Click here for CDC guidance about how to choose a mask.

Mask requirements will adjust based on current CDC COVID-19 community levels in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

Any other questions? Contact us any time at or by calling/texting (310)208‑8252.