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Updated October 5, 2020

After-School Program

A lot like Virtual Camp, the After-School Program is a virtual camp during the school year. Each session is a month long and the schedule is built to work with your child’s virtual school. Activities are scheduled for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday for each four-week session:

  • Session 1: August 31st – September 25th
  • Session 2: October 5th – October 30th
  • Session 3: November 9th – December 4th

All activities will be significantly different from online school and will be focused on social-emotional skills and giving children a safe online place to get to know each other.

Tuesday4-5pm Choice of activities
Thursday4-5pm Choice of activities

Campers can attend rotations that range anywhere from yoga to arts & crafts to escape rooms.

Zoom links will be provided and campers are encouraged to come to as many activities as they can.


Camp-In-A-Box is a box with camp activities like science experiments and craft projects that campers ages 8-14 can do with little supervision. Activities provide plenty of ways to create their own in-home camp experience.

Camp-In-A-Box is all sold out for now, but is not needed for the After-School Program. Click here to register for the After-School Program instead!

Woodsey Explorer

Like a National Parks “Junior Ranger” book, Woodsey Explorer is a short booklet with activities that focus on supporting participants’ mental health and help them connect with the environment around them. The book is made for campers 5 years and older, with the difficulty of activities progressing with age. When you finish, submit your work and you’ll get an official Woodsey Explorer badge and certificate!


After-School Program is pay-what-you-want, with a suggested donation of $20 per session. You can adjust the amount during registration at checkout. Type in $0 to attend for free!

Camp-In-A-Box is available for free for Southern California residents while supplies last.

Woodsey Explorer is available as a free PDF download, or just pay shipping and we’ll send you a physical copy!

Other Information

My camper already attended virtual camp over the summer. Do I need to register again? Nope! You can log in to your portal with your access code and register for the After-School Program with just a few clicks.

What if I already signed up for in-person camp? You should have received an email with refund information. Email Note that you will need to register again to participate in Virtual UniCamp.

What do I need to participate? Your camper(s) will need access to a Zoom-capable device: a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera and internet access. If materials are needed for some activities, we’ll post a list so you can buy what you want at your local grocery store.