Classic UniCamp

Classic UniCamp serves campers ages 10 - 14 and is our most traditional residential camp program. Campers have the opportunity to explore the outdoors and participate in traditional camp programs such as: archery, arts & crafts, or rec. and also have the chance to push themselves with programs such as: the alpine climbing tower, swimming, and mountain biking.

In addition to the traditional camp experience, each Classic UniCamp session partners with a Los Angeles area nonprofit or after-school program to address a specific social initiative. Throughout each camp session there will be special programs to address that week’s initiative.

Initiative Sessions

In 2011 UCLA UniCamp began partnering with local nonprofits and after school programs to expand UniCamp’s impact beyond a week over the summer. By working with other agencies UCLA UniCamp has been able to see how we impact our campers beyond the week of camp as agencies relay the impact they see in the campers throughout the year.

The initiatives for summer 2019 are:

Transitional Youth Empowerment

Provides mentorship, educational support, and empowerment for the foster youth community.

Camp Comforting Hearts

Provides campers with a safe space to grieve, heal, and be among peers with similar experiences.

The Village Session

Empowers Black American youth to achieve their full potential by providing them with guidance from elders, resources for success, and immersing them in African culture.

Leadership Development and Life Skills

Empowers youth to gain the confidence and leadership skills needed to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible individuals.

Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

Focuses on education about nutrition, importance of balanced diet, and mental health.


Aims to provide a fun, nurturing environment for all students to be appreciated and celebrated for their individuality and potential through education.

Outdoor Environmental Education

Takes full advantage of camp's natural setting to engage campers with hands on activities and experiments to explore Earth Science, Climate Science, environmental policy, and more.

Older Camper Programs

Speciality camps are available for campers ages 15 - 17 and are designed to push campers out of their comfort zone and challenge them to become leaders within UniCamp. Participants are taught program specific skills and asked to take more leadership responsibilities around the campsite.


Service Learning & Leadership Development

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UniCorps is an Older Camper Program that focuses on leadership, service learning, and educational awareness. Campers will engage in community service projects that will improve upon the natural beauty and aesthetic of the UniCamp campsite. Campers also lead younger campers in outcome based programs. Campers who complete this program earn 30 hours of community service towards their high school graduation requirement. Led by UCLA students and alumni, UniCorps provides the perfect opportunity for your child to learn how to get to college from those who have already made it.


Core Lessons in Mind & Body

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Core Lessons in Mind & Body is an Older Camper Program that offers an opportunity for Older Campers to learn about the fundamentals and safety of rock climbing as a platform to experience self-growth.It focuses around the 5 pillars of rock climbing to teach campers responsibility, trust, and mindfulness. Along with learning how to climb, campers will exercise new skills in leadership and communication as they teach the basics of climbing to younger campers at the Alpine Tower. The C.L.I.M.B. program culminates with an off-site, outdoor climb which allows them to fully appreciate and utilize everything they have learned through the program.