UCLA UniCamp is the “Official Philanthropy of the Students of UCLA.” Started in 1934 by 11 UCLA Students. UniCamp is one of UCLA’s largest and longest running traditions. on the surface, UniCamp provides an outlet for UCLA Student Volunteers to give back to their community and make a difference in the lives of LA’s urban youth. And if you dig a little deeper you will find that UCLA Student Volunteers end up walking away having grown more from their experience than the campers may have.

Be a Role Model. Grow as a Leader. Find your Community.

Reasons to do UCLA UniCamp

Rewarding Leadership Opportunities UCLA Student Volunteers form the backbone of UCLA UniCamp. Students are given a lot of responsibility and in turn are given the opportunity to grow leaps and bounds. It will be hard to find another experience as rewarding as volunteering for UCLA UniCamp.

Forget about the stress of daily life and act like a kid again UCLA UniCamp allows every participant to act like a kid. Campers & Volunteers. Joining UCLA UniCamp allows everyone to forget about their daily stresses for just a few hours a week and just act like a kid again.

Have a place to call home Meet a small group of like-minded individuals who will quickly become your family at UCLA. The friends you make volunteering with UCLA UniCamp will be friends that you have for a lifetime.

UniCamp’s Volunteers

UCLA UniCamp has approximately 350 UCLA Student Volunteers every year. Volunteers are typically recruited around the beginning of Winter Quarter and spend the Spring training and bonding with their session.

UCLA UniCamp Volunteer Expectations:

  • Current UCLA student/alumni or previous UniCamp camper
  • At least 18 years of age
  • $450 fundraising goal
  • Attend weekly training meetings at UCLA during Spring and Winter Quarters (trainings are all virtual for the 2021 season)

Ready to become a Woodsey and join the UCLA UniCamp family? Apply online by January 15!