UCLA UniCamp Woodsey Network

The UCLA UniCamp Woodsey Network was established in 2014 to encourage a lasting relationship between UCLA Alumni and UCLA UniCamp through networking and other social activities. The UCLA UniCamp Alumni Network held its inaugural event at the John Wooden Center on May 17, 2014, which was part of the UCLA "Alumni Affinity Reunion" that UCLA hosted to kick-off UCLA's Centennial Campaign.

Woodsey Network Programs

Upcoming events will include bonfires, happy hour, food crawls, tailgate parties, and much more. In addition, alumni will have the opportunity to visit camp over a work or family weekend, mentor current UCLA UniCamp sessions, reconnect with other "Woodseys" from their past sessions, and contribute to upcoming issues of the Biff "E" Breeze.

If you have any interesting event ideas or want more information on any of the UCLA UniCamp Alumni Network events, contact Jason "Mr. Woooo" Liou at jliou@unicamp.org.

Woodsey Wine & Dine
April, 2016
The Campfire Gala
May 7, 2016
Family Camp Weekend
July 22 - 24, 2016
Woodsey Alumni Tailgate
October 22, 2016
Woodsey Mentors
January/February 2017