The UCLA UniCamp Woodsey Network was established in 2014 to encourage a lasting relationship between UCLA Alumni and UCLA UniCamp through networking and other social activities. Follow us on Instagram @woodseyalumni!

Woodsey Alumni Network Programs

Events include bonfires, happy hours, food crawls, tailgate parties, and much more. In addition, alumni will have the opportunity to visit Camp River Glen over a work or family weekend, volunteer during a summer Alumni Day, mentor current UCLA UniCamp sessions, and reconnect with other Woodseys from their past sessions.

If you have any interesting event ideas or want more information on any of the UCLA UniCamp Woodsey Alumni Network events, email us at

Spring Events

🧰 Camp River Glen Work Weekends

Summer is approaching! We need YOUR help to get Camp River Glen in shape to host six sessions of camp. Bring your Woodsey friends back up to camp and introduce your coworkers, family members and even more pals to camp!

🗣️ Alumni Chats @ Camp-a-thon

Thank you to all the Woodsey Alumni who came out to Camp-a-thon on May 20th to speak to all of our current volunteers!

Summer Events

🏕️ Floater Application

All programs are in need of floaters to help support our existing volunteers, and your experience and support will be a great asset for our sessions. More information can be found here.

Apply to be a floater this summer:

🌲 Woodsey Alumni Day

If you’re looking for a way to come up to Camp River Glen for one day and volunteer, Woodsey Alumni Days are a great fit for you. For more information: check out our Sign Up Form.

📋 Work at Camp River Glen over the summer!

Join us at River Glen for the 89th summer of UCLA UniCamp. Explore the opportunities at to see if UCLA UniCamp Summer Staff is right for you! Please apply if you like hard, fulfilling work with fun colleagues. Come with an open mind and you’ll have a great time!

“How UniCamp Impacted My Life” Campaign

We’re always looking for Woodsey Alumni to share their UniCamp story! Whether it’s about finding your closest friends, impacting your career path and helping you grow as a person, we want to hear it. Submit your story and photos using this Google Form.

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Prior Events

Woodsey Tailgate: UCLA v. Arizona

Saturday, November 12, 2022
UCLA v. Arizona

UCLA UniCamp Woodsey Tailgate is BACK at the Rose Bowl!

Location will be determined on the day of! It will be revealed on social media and emailed to all ticket buyers.

Session 3-5 | Woodsey Alumni Day 2022 @ Camp River Glen