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Camper registration for summer 2024 is now open!

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Click here for more info. Must be at least 18 years old.

Camper registration is now open!
Click here to register your camper!. UniCamp is for youth ages 10-17 years old.

We need your help to save UCLA UniCamp!
In August 2023, Camp River Glen was devastated by a massive flash flood from Tropical Storm Hilary. We will be holding camp at an alternate campsite in 2024, but we still need your help to ensure UniCamp continues into the future.

UCLA Student’s Official Philanthropy

UniCamp is an independently funded 501(c)3 that annually links 500 UCLA student volunteers with over 1,200 urban LA youth.

UCLA UniCamp is the official philanthropy of the Students of UCLA. UniCamp is an independently funded non-profit that connects UCLA with the community. Each year, UCLA UniCamp inspires over 1,200 children from urban communities to envision brighter futures by sending them, along with 450 student volunteers, to its residential outdoor summer camp. Because of UniCamp, both volunteers and campers have a chance to: Lead, Play, Learn.

Continuum of Care

Creating the opportunity for today’s kids from underserved communities to become UCLA UniCamp campers.

Enabling today’s campers to become tomorrow’s student volunteers.

Empowering today’s UCLA student volunteers to become tomorrow’s community leaders.

Creating opportunities for Community Leaders to contribute to the successful development of today’s underserved kids.

Serving LA Youth since 1928

UniCamp has served over 60,000 youth and over 10,000 volunteers over the past 85 years.


Classic UniCamp

Ages 10-14

Classic UniCamp serves campers ages 10 – 14 and is our most traditional residential camp program. Campers have the opportunity to explore the outdoors and participate in traditional camp programs such as: archery, arts & crafts, or rec. and also have the chance to push themselves with programs such as: the alpine climbing tower, sailing, or mountain biking. In addition to the traditional camp experience, each Classic UniCamp session partners with a Los Angeles area nonprofit or after-school program to address a specific social initiative. Throughout each camp session there will be special programs to address that week’s initiative.

Older Camper Programs

Ages 15-17

Specialty camps are available for campers ages 15 – 17 and are designed to push campers out of their comfort zone and challenge them to become leaders within UniCamp. Participants are taught program specific skills and asked to take more leadership responsibilities around the campsite.

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UCLA UniCamp is an equal opportunity provider.

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