Help save UCLA UniCamp

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closure of Camp River Glen after the site was ravaged by a 30-foot-tall flash flood from Tropical Storm Hilary.

We are determined to provide our youth campers and student volunteer counselors with a summer program in 2024 at an alternate campsite!

February 13, 2024

We finalized an agreement to host UniCamp at Camp Pine Mountain for the summer of 2024! Camp Pine Mountain is only a few miles away from River Glen, so we’ll be able to host most of our activities like normal. Click here to learn more about the temporary campsite!

October 14, 2023

On October 14, a group of volunteers came to River Glen to lay a footbridge across the river and help clear out debis from across the site. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and stay tuned for camp cleanup events!

October 5, 2023

In the News Read about UniCamp in a recent story from the Los Angeles Times: “Column: For nearly a century, this camp has hosted city children. Tropical Storm Hilary destroyed it”

Volunteering Are you able to come to camp in the San Bernardino National Forest to help us repair camp? Click here to sign up for our volunteer interest list!

September 20, 2023

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our alumni, community, and campers and their families! UniCamp is no stranger to challenges and your support will get us through this.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve trekked to Camp River Glen several times to assess and document damages. Each trip was quite the adventure, off roading and fording the rushing Santa Ana River on foot. Given what we’ve seen, we estimate it will take at about 2 years to return to normal operations should the stars align.

Our number one priority is to ensure that UniCamp is able to provide the kids and student volunteers with a summer camp program in 2024.

We have our work cut out for us but the resilience of our staff and volunteers is strong. Over the coming months, we’ll be looking for a home-away-from Camp River Glen and do what we do best – sing songs, play games, and get our volunteers ready for UniCamp’s 90th summer camp season. We don’t know where we’ll land yet after the summer but with your support, we can ensure that the Woodsey Spirit and legacy of UCLA UniCamp lives on.

We still need your help! Your generous gift will enable us to continue our programs next summer as we plan our next steps for UniCamp and Camp River Glen. Please give generously and help spread the word to save UCLA UniCamp!

More images from Camp River Glen:

The dirt road into camp was cut into and damaged by the overflowing river
The bridge into camp, in the center of the photo, is covered in debris and full-size trees. The dirt road leading to it, on the left and right sides, was washed away.
The turnoff from Highway 38 onto the dirt road at ground level.
Lower trail is covered in debris carried by the flood.
View looking from Rainbow Deck towards the pump house and volleyball court. This is where campers line up before each meal.
Power lines are down across the campsite. It’s still unclear when the utility company will be able to safely restore power.
A large chunk of asphalt at the Highway 38 turnoff was undercut and swept away by the flood waters.
The area in front of the lodge had flowing water from the river that carried debris from upstream and from the garage.
There is now a steep cliff at the edge of the parking lot where a dirt road previously led up to the bridge.
View from the Rainbow Deck towards Cabin 1.

September 6, 2023

UCLA UniCamp’s home at Camp River Glen has suffered catastrophic losses to its campsite from Tropical Storm Hilary on August 20, 2023. We lost multiple buildings and suffered heavy damage to numerous others, rendering them unusable and uninhabitable. The water system that provides clean drinking water is completely destroyed. The campsite remains cut off from all utilities and access is nearly impossible.

The 2024 summer camp season and UCLA UniCamp’s 90th year remains uncertain. But what is certain is that we need your help so we can continue to serve the kids and volunteers for years to come. We will get through this, but not without your generosity.

We need your help! Please give generously and help UCLA UniCamp’s legacy live on.

Damage assessments are still being done but total damages are expected to exceed $300,000.

Below are photos showing the magnitude of the devastation at Camp River Glen.

Bridge into camp

Instead of a road leading to and from the bridge, there is now a deep trench on both sides. The railing has been torn off the bridge and a debris flow deposited multiple full-size trees on top. The only way into the campsite currently is by fording the river on foot. The bridge is vital to carrying busses of campers, food deliveries, maintenance equipment, and more.



Line-up & Rainbow cabin

Water carried debris to the line-up area. Logs and equipment were moved around and severely damaged.

Cabin 1

Cabin 1 was hit by a debris flow that damaged the sides to the cabin, tore off the entrance walkway, and ripped out one of the supports. The cabin has been red-tagged by the county.



Pump house & water system

The pump house, which contained UniCamp’s water treatment system, was completely destroyed. Water tanks were pushed hundreds of feet downstream and torn apart. Camp River Glen isn’t connected to a public water supply, so without the pump house, the campsite doesn’t have water.




Camp River Glen’s garage is used to maintain the campsite. The flash flood flow slammed into the garage, causing damage to two walls and pushing them off of the foundation. The building is no longer structurally sound and has been red-tagged by the county.



Gaga pit & Alpine tower

The gaga pit was carried into the center of the alpine tower along with other debris. The alpine tower was covered in debris and had moderate damage.



Other damage

Volleyball court
Turnoff from highway to dirt road
Archery clearing
Lower trail
Trailer by the pool
Water main