Santa’s Secret Workshop

Calling all Woodseys!
🚨 There’s been a North Pole Security Breach! 🚨

We have an inside elf at the North Pole and we’ve learned that Santa has a SECRET WORKSHOP in SoCal!  This workshop, located just north of Glendale, is maintained by Wally Claus, Santa’s distant cousin who takes care of the place while Santa is away. In a spark of amazing luck, It also so happens that Wally Claus is UniCamp’s former Executive Director, Pops!

In order to keep this secret from going public, Wally “Pops” Claus has agreed to host:

❄️ The Woodsey Walk to Santa’s Secret Workshop ❄️

Santa Claus will be in town Saturday, November 25. Wally Claus will provide us with the secret location.

Just sign up for a ten minute time slot to take pictures with Santa Claus. Arrive at the secret spot thirty minutes before your reserved time and take a casual “Woodsey Walk” through the workshop grounds. You will find many photo ops and experiences such as:

  • “North Pole Aeronautics and Sleigh Waystation” (Santa’s Sleigh Runway)
  • “Reindeer Stables”
  • “Fertilizer Factory”
  • “Sweetheart Stairs”
  • “Peppermint Plantation”
  • “Santa’s Car”
  • “Santa’s Mailbox”

Suggested donation is: $100 for a family up to four or five.

All proceeds will go towards UCLA UniCamp.

🎄 More details 🎄

Here’s what you’ll need to be ready if you want to take the Woodsey Walk to Santa’s Secret Workshop…

  • Once you find out where to look for the trailhead leading to Santa’s Secret Workshop (the Address), you’ll need to park somewhere nearby. Remember, nobody really knows about this. So, there won’t be too many people or cars around.
  • Wear some comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Santa wears boots, and dresses for the weather. You’ll be outdoors a lot of the time.
  • Bring your cellphones:
    • Pictures will be taken on your phone. 
    • There will be an elf in Santa’s Secret Workshop to help with all family photos.
    • You might need the flashlight,
    • and practice opening “QR Codes” (that’s the key)
  • The “walk” itself is slightly uphill and less than the length of a football field.
  • For tiny ones still in Mom or Dad’s arms, or others who don’t like wood chips and trails, there will be a short-cut.
  • For those yet potty trained, or just get excited easily, there is one restroom nearby.
  • Visitors of the furry variety are welcome to join in on the journey.  However, they can’t enter the Workshop or have their picture taken with Santa. You understand, as others who follow may have allergies to pets that may be affected.
  • Evenings are for those families who don’t mind night hikes with dimly lighted pathways and a few Christmas decorations and lights.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at We hope to see you soon!