Welcome to Camp Pine Mountain!

There isn’t much info about Camp Pine Mountain online: most web and maps searches will display info that’s incorrect or that references other campsites. Please refer to this page instead!

Though the site is reserved, we’re still working on the specifics of how the site will be used (e.g. sleeping arrangements, activity locations, procedures, etc.). This page is just an introduction to the campsite itself.

Updated 2/22/2024

The Basics

UniCamp will be held at Camp Pine Mountain for the summer 2024 season due to damage to our normal campsite. Click here to learn more about Tropical Storm Hilary damage to Camp River Glen in August 2023.

Location: Pine Mountain is in Barton Flats and is located only a few miles’ drive from Camp River Glen. Its entrance is along Highway 38, across from Greyback Amphitheater.

Dates: We’ll be at Pine Mountain all summer, from on-site through the end of session 5!


  • Kitchen and lodge with a large outdoor deck
  • 5 fully-enclosed cabins with electricity (capacity for 100-150 people; this is still being finalized)
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Pool
  • Amphitheater
  • Campfire
  • Archery range (we’ll be moving this from Camp River Glen for the summer)
  • Walking distance to Jenks Lake for canoeing

We’re hoping to repair Camp River Glen’s alpine climbing tower before the summer so we can run all of our normal camp activities.


There are 5 cabins that will contain multiple units of campers each, for a total of 9 units.

These are the existing names/capacities from Pine Mountain: they will likely change for UniCamp prior to the summer!

  • Bobcat: Boys cabin that sleeps 20 people.
  • Hawk: Boys cabin that sleeps 20 people.
  • Spruce/Elm/Oak: Divided girls cabin that sleeps 16 people.
  • Pine/Cedar/Willow/Fir: Divided girls cabin that sleeps 36 people. It has its own biffy.
  • Residence: Cabin that sleeps 18 people. It has its own biffy.

The health center and lodge have a few rooms that will likely be used for medical staff, LSHIP, and a room for medical care (an “isolation” room).

We’re working through a few different options for OCP accommodations, so stay tuned!

Blue: Shared spaces (Lodge/kitchen, Health Center, Storage, Amphitheater, and Campfire)
Yellow: Biffies (there are additional biffies in some cabins)
Purple: Cabins


Most volunteers will see Camp Pine Mountain for the first time at on-site orientation in June. However, after the snow melts for the winter, we’re hoping to visit again alongside some student leaders to get more photos and update the map with trails.



Every cabin is a little different and the configuration of bunks will be different from these photos!


Biffies have toilets, showers, and hot water!

Volleyball Court

Campfire & Amphitheater