Directions to Camp River Glen

If you have to travel, contact UniCamp staff for information. Due to contined monsoons and possibilities of mudlides, road conditions may change quickly. Always carry extra food, water, and clothes when driving in the mountains.
– August 3, 2022 –

Camp River Glen is located at 43191 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305. Click here to open the location in Google Maps. WARNING: Some mapping applications place the address in the wrong place, so always follow the directions below, even if you’re also using a GPS.

Do NOT rely on GPS or your phone to drive to camp! You WILL lose reception along the way and many apps have trouble with the mountain roads. Save, print, or screenshot these directions before heading to camp so you have them offline.


To get to Camp River Glen from Los Angeles area:

  • Take I-10 to Redlands
  • Exit University Ave and go north
  • Turn right on Lugonia Ave. / Highway 38
  • Turn left onto Glass Road
  • Turn right onto Seven Oaks Road / 1N45
  • Turn left into Camp River Glen after about 2.5 miles

From UCLA, the drive usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on traffic.

Detailed Directions

  • Take Interstate 10 East towards San Bernardino and Redland.
  • In Redlands, take the exit for University Ave. This is about 2 miles east of the 210.
  • Turn left onto University Ave.
  • Turn right at the light onto Lugonia Ave (which is also called State Highway 38) after about 1.5 miles.
  • This is a good time to check your fuel level. You will pass a sign that says “Next gas 45 miles” — this is the last gas station. Make sure you have enough fuel to get to camp and back. Driving uphill takes more gas than you might expect, so never go up the mountain without at least a half tank.
  • Stay on Highway 38 for quite a while, about 23 miles. These landmarks can help make sure you stay on track:
    • Landmark: Highway 38 will make a 180-degree left hand turn near the top of a valley with an opportunity to turn right (which can also look like going straight) to head to Forest Home. DO NOT TURN RIGHT!
    • STAY LEFT and continue on Highway 38 as you make the 180-degree turn and climb the hill.
    • Landmark: Stay on Highway 38 as you pass through the town of Angelus Oaks. You’ll see a store on your left.
    • Landmark: Stay on Highway 38 as you pass Jenks Lake Road West on your right.
    • Landmark: Stay on Highway 38 as you pass under a small pedestrian bridge from a Boy Scout camp (this is less than 0.5mi away from the turnoff to Glass Road).
  • Turn left at Glass Road. This is a paved road just before a small bridge.
    • Landmark: If you see Greyback Ampitheater or any of the forest campgrounds (Barton Flats Campground, San Gorgonio Campground, or South Fork Campground), you’ve gone too far on Highway 38. Turn around and find Glass Road.
  • Glass Road is a windy, paved road that goes downhill. Stay on it for about 2.2 miles until it gets to the bottom then stay right at the turnoff at the bottom onto 1N45 / Seven Oaks Road.
  • This road starts off paved but quickly transitions into a dirt road. Stay straight on this road all the way to camp, for about 2.8 miles.
    • Landmark: Stay on the road as you cross a small bridge
    • Landmark: Stay on the road as you pass cabins on both sides
    • Landmark: Stay on the road as you pass camp Wasewagan on your right side
    • Landmark: Stay on the road as you pass camp Alandale on your right side. You’ll start going up a hill shortly after this.
    • Landmark: Another dirt road will join in from the left side and you may see a yellow warning sign about debris. There will be a gate and barbed wire fence on your left side. This is very close to camp!
  • Drive SLOWLY down the dirt road. Going too fast can cause you to hit or kick up rocks that can pop your tire or bust your oil pan. UniCamp isn’t liable for any damage to your car on the road. You can prevent damage by taking the dirt road slowly.
  • Turn left into Camp River Glen. The brown camp sign is facing the opposite direction, so it may be a little hard to see. If you get to a brown sign at a fork that says “Highway 38,” you’ve gone about a quarter mile too far: turn around.
  • Welcome to Camp River Glen!
    • Please do not drive your car across the bridge
    • If parking: park in the lots on either side before the bridge, please reverse into your parking space (this is for fire safety), and walk across the bridge and go to the lodge. Ask for staff or leadership.
    • If dropping off / picking up: follow UniCamp staff/volunteer directions.