Camper Registration for CISLA

CISLA Students can attend a week of summer camp with UCLA UniCamp for FREE.
Register online with the links below.

Classic Camp Program (ages 10-14)

Classic UniCamp is our most traditional residential camp program. Campers have the opportunity to explore the outdoors and participate in traditional camp programs such as: archery, arts & crafts, or rec. and also have the chance to push themselves with programs such as: the alpine climbing tower, swimming, and mountain biking.

Older Camper Programs: CLIMB (ages 15-17)

Core Lessons in Mind & Body is an Older Camper Program that offers an opportunity for Older Campers to learn about the fundamentals and safety of rock climbing as a platform to experience self-growth. It focuses around the 5 pillars of rock climbing to teach campers responsibility, trust, and mindfulness. Along with learning how to climb, campers will exercise new skills in leadership and communication as they teach the basics of climbing to younger campers at the Alpine Tower. The CLIMB program culminates with an off-site, outdoor climb which allows them to fully appreciate and utilize everything they have learned through the program.

Questions? Email us at or call/text us at (310)208-8252