We're growing

We’re adding a brand new leadership program to UniCamp this year. Join us and leave your mark on the organization!

Our mission: to give campers from underserved communities an impactful camp experience and to give UCLA students the opportunities and resources to grow as leaders.


Even after 83 years, we’re never done improving. This year, we will be starting training earlier and giving students more resources and opportunities to learn and fundraise. UCLA UniCamp will be led by UniCabinet — a new student leadership group that will give students the space and support to envision the future of the UCLA UniCamp programs and turn it into a reality.

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UniCabinet is open to all current UCLA Students, regardless of experience. First-round interviews will take place September 6-8. UCLA UniCamp prides itself in being the official charity of the students of UCLA, and a student leadership development program. We will provide training, mentoring, and tools; our only requirement for applicants is a passion for the mission.

Session Program Director

Each session’s Session Program Director will be supported by UniCabinet. They will be given more resources and space to focus on working with their partner and student volunteers to develop a unique summer camp experience tailored to meet the needs of their chosen target population.

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SPD roles are open to all Woodsey volunteers. First-round interviews will take place September 6-8. UCLA UniCamp prides itself in being the official charity of the students of UCLA, and a student leadership development program. We will provide training, mentoring, and tools; our only requirement for applicants is a passion for the mission.

Older Camper Program Director

Take a leadership role in one of our Older Camper Programs — C.L.I.M.B., UniCorps, and W.A.L.L. — by being a Program Director. OCP PDs will envision the future of their programs and will use UCLA UniCamp's mentorship and resources to make their visions a reality.

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OCP PD roles are open to all Woodsey volunteers.

Watch our presentation...

A version of this presentation was given to all student volunteers at on-site orientation.


UniCabinet is a group of UCLA students that will be the face and leadership of UCLA UniCamp, the student group.

Since these are student positions, UniCabinet will be given guidance, support, and training from professional staff and alumni (through the Program Advisory Board). Experience and knowledge aren't requirements; we only expect you to have a passion for UCLA UniCamp and a desire to learn.

More detailed information about each of these positions is available in the presentation above.

UCLA UniCamp Student Chair is the person who represents UCLA UniCamp. They envision and uphold UniCamp outcomes and missions through organizational strategic planning. They are also an important liason between the UCLA campus, UCLA UniCamp, and University Camps Inc.

Partnerships Committee is led by the Chair of Partnerships with multiple vice-chairs. They oversee all external relationships including relationships with the broader UCLA and Los Angeles communities, organizational partners, camper families, and more.

Volunteer Committee is led by the Chair of Volunteers with multiple vice-chairs. They oversee all internal operations. This includes Leadership Training (after the first year), all-camp volunteer training (e.g. Fall quarter training, retreats, etc.), supporting session training/programming, and more.

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Session Program Director

Each session is led by a Session Program Director. SPDs will recruit Head Counselors to be part of their team. Since SPDs and HCs will already be part of their own session, they are not eligible to be a Classic Camp/OCP volunteer or be part of UniCabinet.

The interview process for Session Program Director applicants is:

  1. Online application (Apply here!)
  2. Initial interviews
  3. Acceptance as an SPD candidate
  4. Summer/Fall Leadership Training
  5. Development of a camp program that includes a partner, funding, leadership team, and campers

Once accepted as an SPD Candidate, you'll be part of Leadership Training and will be working with UniCabinet, professional staff, and alumni (through the Program Advisory Board) to bring your initiative from idea to reality. For some initiatives, this process can take more than one year.

Head Counselor applications will be online in a few weeks. Leave us your email address if you'd like to be contacted with more information about HC positions.

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2017-2018 Calendar

Other Ways to Get Involved

Program Advisory Board (PAB) — PAB is composed of alumni who will have the responsibility of mentoring UniCabinet and providing resources and advice to current student leadership. If you’re interested in joining, email pab@unicamp.org.

Head Counselor — Head Counselor applications will be availble online in the next few weeks.

Classic Camp Volunteer — Applications for volunteers will be released at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Keep an eye out on Bruinwalk!

OCP Advisor — More information about Older Camper Programs will be released in the next few weeks. Email the current OCP Program Directors for more information — contact CLIMB PDs at climbpds@unicamp.org, contact UniCorps PDs at ucpds@unicamp.org, and contact WALL PDs at wallpds@unicamp.org.

Camp River Glen Summer Seasonal Resident Camp Staff Positions — These are paid internship positions including program positions, food service, housekeeping, and site operations. Contact the professional staff at wwirick@unicamp.org and jliou@unicamp.org.

Donate — Even if you’re not able to volunteer, you can help us improve our program by donating online or by attending our gala in October.



Can I be a camp counselor and a UniCabinet member?
Yes! We think it’s valuable for all volunteers in UniCamp to interact with campers. UniCabinet members are encouraged to also be classic camp volunteers.

Why is UniCabinet only open to current UCLA students? UCLA UniCamp is the official charity of the students of UCLA. As a student group, one of its primary missions is to give students the opportunity to grow, serve, and lead. Alumni and other Woodseys who don’t attend UCLA can still serve important roles elsewhere in the organization.

What if I can’t make it to leadership training? Leadership training (September 18-22 and the weekend before/after) is an important part of becoming part of becoming an SPD or UniCabinet member. We will help you find transportation and housing in Westwood during the training. If you absolutely cannot make it, let us know on your application and we’ll reach out and try to work something out on a case-by-case basis.

Does this mean training meetings every week for the whole year!? Nope! A big motivation behind these changes is to spread out training rather than concentrate it in one intense quarter. Volunteers will likely be asked to attend events roughly every 2-3 weeks throughout the year rather than once or twice a week for one quarter. We know life can get hectic throughout the quarter, so UniCabinet will be working on ways to make the time commitment easier for volunteers.

What if I have suggestions or questions? Please email the Program Advisory Board at pab@unicamp.org — we’d love to hear your feedback!