What Makes UniCamp Unique

Most camps hire their staff a few weeks before summer. For most counselors working at a summer camp is a last minute job that they pick because they had nothing better to do. UniCamp staff is different. Our counselors are all UCLA Student Volunteers that are selected six months before the camping season begins. These UCLA Student Volunteers spend countless hours fundraising, training and programming to make sure they provide the best experience for all the campers.

Not only do our counselors volunteer over 200 hours just to have the chance to be a counselor but many of them take vacation time off work and most of also spend some of their own money on additional programming and goodies for the campers. UniCamp is unique because our counselors are the highest quality and the most dedicated counselors you will find. They strive to make a difference in each camper’s life and simply by spending a week at camp with 60 college student volunteers, your children will come back home a little more inspired and a little more passionate about higher education and making an impact on the future.

UCLA UniCamp prides itself on the quality of its volunteer training, and our excellence in training and programmatic delivery has not gone unnoticed. UCLA UniCamp is distinguished by being Southern California's leader in University-based camping. In 1998, UCLA UniCamp was given by the American Camp Association a prestigious "Pioneers of Camping” award and was also recognized in 2007 with the Eleanor Ellis award for excellence in programming.