Before you apply please make sure to have a valid e-mail address. Your confirmation of application will both be sent via e-mail.

Before you begin please have an understanding of the different programs UniCamp offers. You can find detailed information under the “Programs” tab located above.


UCLA UniCamp offers five different programs for our campers: Classic UniCamp, UniCorps, WALL, CLIMB, and SAIL. The fee to be apart of these programs is $600 per child for one week of camp. However, if the camper meets the eligibility for each program UniCamp offers a scholarship that brings down the cost to $99.

The enrollment process will take about 30 minutes. Once you begin the enrollment process, you will have the opportunity to select which program your child would wish to participate. You will also be able to enroll multiple campers; one at a time. Please enroll each child in ONE SESSION of camp only.Campers are unable to participate in more than one week of camp per summer.

If you plan to enroll your child in one of our Older Camper Programs (i.e. UniCorps, WALL, SAIL, or CLIMB), please note your application is not considered complete and your child is not registered until payment is received in full or the first payment of the payment plan is processed. If you choose not to pay online you must send payment in a timely manner or your application will be cancelled and placed on the waitlist. Simply filling out the application but not providing payment does not guarantee your child a spot in camp.


Materials and information to have ready before you proceed:

1.     A valid e-mail address! If you don't regularly check your e-mail, please make sure you try to after registering, as we will regularly supply information and updates via e-mail.

2.     Your family income information (this is to make sure your child qualifies for a UniCamp Scholarship, verifying information may be requested at a later date. Please have your CalFresh or DCFS Case number information handy.)

3.     Your child's immunization records/dates

4.     Your child's medical information – insurance card number, their doctor's information, prescriptions, allergies, dietary requirements, etc.


A copy of your child’s immunizations records and insurance card (if applicable) will be required when your child is dropped off for their week of camp..


If at any time during the applicaiton process you have any question please call (310) 208-8252 ext. 107 or e-mail our Director of Programs at


Refund Policy